Students Council

Office Bearers (2024-2025)

The Office Bearers of HATIM Students’ Council, 2024-2025 are:

Chairman - Vuansanga Vanchhawng (Principal)

Vice Chairman - Stephen Lalnunpuia (IV B.Com)

General Secretary (GS) - Naomi Lalruatdiki (IV BSW)

Asst. General Secretary (AGS) - Johny Lalmuanpuia (II BA)

Treasurer - Lallawmkimi Chawngthu (IV BA)

Asst. Treasurer - Vanlalawmpuii (IV BCA)




The administration of HATIM has been appreciating the necessity of constituting a Council representing the students in general with a view to facilitate the development of leadership qualities among the students. A student body may ensure the welfare of the students` community by organizing various co-curricular & extra-curricular activities and competitions, social and cultural programmes, etc. Through successful organization of the said programmes, they will be able to develop a creative mind and unleash their leadership potential. 

The formation of the student Council in line with the Lyngdoh Commission, imbued with Christian Values and Principles is expected to usher in a more conducive environment in maintaining harmonious relationship within the college by providing an amicable and effective means to further improve the available facilities, with a view to achieving academic excellence, to thereby help meet the statutory objective of the college.

HUMBLY submitting to GOD and recognising our responsibility before Him, humanity and to ourselves.

HONOURING the selfless efforts, drawbacks and successes of the founding and succeeding members.

PROUD of the diversity of background and cultures of members, united by a common purpose and aspirations.

GUIDED by the principles, reason, courtesy and genuine search of all virtues to live in comradeship, peace and to develop salubrious concord with other students’ bodies, person(s), institutions and all who believe in the ideals of justice, equality and truth.

RECOGNISING the supreme authority of the College through the organisation and discipline of students made there under and other related and relevant rules and regulations of the College.

IN OUR 56TH COUNCIL BODY MEETING, this 20th day of July, 2017, do hereby ADOPT, ENACT and give this Constitution to ourselves and our future generations as our supreme governing law.