Institutional Prizes and Awards


HATIM considers the recognition of high performing individuals from the senior most students, viz., the sixth semester students of the institute – its duty and obligation. The institute believes in facilitating and guiding its students to excel in character, academics, leadership and other relevant areas of personality development and growth. Through this recognition program HATIM endeavours to motivate and drive its students to acquire a healthy sense of competition. Currently, the following categories of awards are handed out annually during the Valedictory Service:

HATIM Award – This award is handed out to the most outstanding individual for overall excellence during the three year period of his/her stay at HATIM. The parameters are excellence in character, academics, leadership, discipline, etc.

Lalziki Award – This award is handed out to the most disciplined and hardworking individual from the entire batch. One who has depicted outstanding character during his/her stay at HATIM.

Proficiency Award – The proficiency award is handed out for academic excellence to one individual from each of the courses i.e., B.Com, BCA, BSW, and BA (All Departments). In other words, the topper from each of the aforementioned courses is awarded a proficiency award.

Most Improved Award – This award is handed out to the individual who has made the greatest amount of improvement and progress during his/her at HATIM. It is designed to motivate individuals to aim for a constant and consistent growth in life.

Scripture Award – HATIM is an Institute founded upon the word of God and therefore it is strongly felt that the teachings in the Bible are of utmost importance to the holistic growth and development of its students. This award is handed out to the individual who has shown genuine commitment and dedication towards learning the Scriptures i.e., the one who has topped the Scripture Exams throughout the three-year period of his/her stay at HATIM.



HATIM Award 2024 was received by Noel VL. Zikpuii Pachuau d/o Lalṭhakima Pachuau, Department of Commerce

HATIM Proficiency Award 2024 Winners
The following are awardees for 2024:
1. Rosangpuia Chhakchhuak, Dept. of Computer Science
2. Noel VL. Zikpuii Pachuau, Dept. of Commerce
3. R. Lalruatpuii, Dept. of Social Work
4. Laldampuii, Dept. of English
5. Lalruatsangi, Dept. of History
6. H. Lalmuanzuali, Dept. of Philosophy
7. B. Lalmuanawmi, Dept. of Education
8. Vanlalhmangaihi, Dept. of Psychology