Evangelical Wing


HATIM Evangelical Wing was established in August, 2008 for the glory of God. It has taken up the initiative of maintaining the worship services from 17th August, 2018 till date. Presently there are 14 members including the ex-officio and the two Senior Advisors.


Our main objective or goal is to be good ambassadors for Christ through nurturing the spiritual life of students, teachers and all other members of the community alike; thereby strengthening each other, uplifting one another and unitedly growing together in Christ.

Main Activities:

  1. Regular Praise and Worship: HATIM Evangelical Wing has been conducting lively and vibrant worship service every Sunday at 2:00 pm in the afternoon at the College Building in the Auditorium cum Chapel located at Falkawn-Chanmari, Lunglei. This service is meant for everyone who has a desire to worship the Lord and is conducted in English. The HATIM evangelical welcomes all who wants to be a part of the service and experience the goodness of the Lord.  Visitors from within and without the community and even from other country had come and joined us in experiencing the goodness and fullness of the Lord. So far, we have had 1091 visitors from around 10 countries since 17th August, 2008 till date.  Singspiration has been a major part of this service. Offerings are collected every Sunday and they are utilized to run and manage the cost of refreshments and for Speakers’ remuneration. Besides this the offerings are utilized for repairing and taking care of the chapel properties.
  2. Supportive Assistance: HATIM Evangelical Wing has been giving out supportive assistance to many who are in need of assistance on various grounds to different students according to the severity of the needs and circumstances the student in consideration is. At the same time, these help are given out  mainly in the form of charity or poor patient fund. For example:

    In the past, as 15th February, 2015 was Christian Hospital Sunday, HATIM Evangelical Wing had set aside the offerings of that day for Poor Patient Fund which was given to Christian Hospital, Serkawn. The total amount collected was Rs 5780/-.

    On 2nd June, 2015, HATIM Evangelical Wing had given the charity fund which sums upto Rs 4750 along with a surplus amount of clothes and shoes to TNT(Thutak Nunpuitu Team) Hrangchalkawn.

  3. Contribution to MEGF: The Mizoram Evangelical Graduate Fellowship(MEGF) Union of Evangelical Students of India(UESI), to which HATIM Evangelical Wing is affiliated as HATIM Evangelical Union, organized a student’s camp at Aizawl H.E.W and contribute a sum of Rs 3000/- for its success.
  4. Spiritual Nurturing Programme: HATIM Evangelical Wing has been organizing Spiritual Nurturing Programme in Mizo language every year usually in the month of September with the objective to renew the faith of the student and rededicate themselves to the Lord.
  5. Music Training: Music Training was successfully organized under the care of HEW for two days in December 2016. Some of the Best Musicians from Lunglei were invited as resource person and the student were taught in a manner to learn and brush up their skill in playing and understanding the musical notes and instruments.


Glimpse of HEW 2021-2022

There are a total of 379 members in HEW.

The present senior advisers are:

1) Sir T. Lalrinmuana

2) Sir H. Lalrinawma

Ex-officio member:

1) Sir Vuansanga Vanchhawng, Principal

2) Sir R. Lalnunthara, Vice Principal

3) Sir Emmanuel Lalruatsanga, Chaplain

President :   K. Lalthansanga (6th  Sem B.Com)

Vice president  :   C. Lalramdinmawia (6th  Sem BA)

Secretary : R. Lalngaihsaki (6th Sem B.Com)

Asst. Secretary : Vanlalmalsawmzuali ralte (6th Sem BSW)

Treasurer : Lalrinfeli Pautu (6th Sem B.Com)

Finance Secretary : R. Lalchampuii (6th Sem B.Com)

Worship Secretary : Joseph C. Vanlalruata (6th Sem BA)

Prayer Secretary : Ruth C. Lalremsangi (6th Sem BA)


Executive Committee Members:

1) Moses Lalramthara (6th Sem BA)

2) Lalremtluanga (6th Sem B.Com)

3) MC. Lalhruaikima (4th Sem BA)

4) B. Lalherliana (4th Sem BA)

5) Rohluzuala (4th Sem BA)

6) Hosanna Malsawmzeli (4th Sem BA)

7) R. Malsawmtluangi (4th Sem BA)

8) P.C Lalthanpuii (4th Sem BA)

9) Esther Lalawmpuii (4th Sem BA)

10) Vanpekhluii (4th Sem BA)




During this tenure, most of the HEW activities are conducted online due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

1. Handing over of charges.

On 17th July, 2021, charges were handed over to the Office Bearers of the HEW for the year 2021-22.


2. Orientation programme with UESI on August.

Briefings for the Office Bearers were made during the Programme where Mr. P.M Philip, Staff Worker, UESI took up the task of orientation.


3. Monthly contribution to UESI.

An amount of Rs. 1,000 is contributed to the UESI every month by the HEW.


4. Conduct monthly Bible study for HEW.

Every 2nd Saturday of every month, the HEW conducted online Bible Study inviting resource persons of different Evangelical Graduates Fellowship (EGF) members.


5. Conducting weekly online prayer meeting.

As the pandemic had compelled us to stay out of the hostels, face-to-face meetings could not be conducted and thus, Prayer meetings were conducted online every week on Tuesday through Google Meet using the HEW Google Meet account. For this meeting, prayer points contribution was also made available to the community through ‘Google Forms’.


6. Host online Evangelistic camp for Southern region in collaboration with UESI.

The HEW with anticipations and plannings with the UESI, Mizoram, conducted an online Evangelistic Camp between for the students of the Southern Part of Mizoram where different Colleges such as: Hnathial Govt. College… were also invited.


7. Attending SLTC, CMTC, DTC (OBs and executive committee members). State Leadership Training Camp (SLTC), Committee Membership Training Camp (CMTC) and Discipleship Training Camp (CMTC) were conducted online where the OB’s and Executive Committee members and the Worship Team members were attending as campers.


8. Organizing online one day retreat.

On 5th February, 2022, the HEW conducted a One Day Retreat Online through Google Meet inviting resource persons of different EGF members. The theme of the Retreat was “Rise and Shine with Jesus” Isaiah 60:1.


Other Activities as HEW:

a) The HEW visited different churches and introduce ourselves. The HEW participate in MTKP Inkhawmpui in the year 2010. HEW led praise and worship at Baptist Youth Federation of India (BYFI) Conference at Serkawn church in the year 2015.

b) From 2016 till then every year HEW leaders attend State Leadership Training camp.

c) In the year 2019, the HEW hosted State Leadership Training Camp at our Hatim campus and in the year 2020, HEW organized Evangelistic camp through ZOOM app (online) under the guidance of Union of Evangelical Student of India.



1. Conducting regular Sunday Worship Service

The HATIM Evangelical Wing has been conducting a regular Sunday worship Services every Sunday morning and afternoon. The services are conducted in English. A bible study has been conducted every Sunday morning where Speakers from outside the community are mostly invited in the afternoon service. The Afternoon English Worship Service takes place at the permanent campus, Kawmzawl since 17th February 2019. It is open for all where the outsiders can also join freely.


2. Equipment purchased

The HEW has purchased several equipment’s during the current academic session such as:

(i) Tea Urn

(ii) Two Feedback Monitors

(iii) Repairing of Mixer, Keyboard, Speaker and Amplifier

(iv) Miscellaneous items (Drum stick, guitar string, HDMI cable etc.)


3. Organizing fund raising program

The Evangelical Wing had raised funds in the residences and the commission was used for the procurement of necessary tools.


4. Training on the handling of the projector

The training was successfully organized for one day and was led by the senior adviser Sir H. Lalruatkima.


5. Organizing Spiritual Nurturing Program

The HATIM Evangelical Wing had organized a Spiritual Nurturing Program on 14th- 16th September 2018 and this was the second time the HEW had taken up the full responsibilities. Upa Dr. Andrew Lalhmangaiha was the speaker and he spoke on the theme “Be Prepared” with a supporting verse taken from 2 Timothy 4:2 which was chosen by the HEW executive meeting.

6. Giving out Charity to the people in need

As a tradition, the HEW had given a charity to the needy ones at the end of the semester. The donations were collected among the students in the form of cash and clothing. The total money received Rs. 14,590 was given to the District Jail, Lunglei on 23rd November 2018 while the clothes collected was given to Hmunthar, BCM mission field.


7. Organizing Advance Christmas Program

The HEW has taken up the responsibility of the college Advance Christmas Program 2018 on 25th November 2018 at HATIM Auditorium. Upa Laltlankima, Asst. Professor in AICS was the speaker for the day.


8. Participating in the State Leadership Training Camp 2018

The HEW sent six campers and two volunteers to participate in the State Leadership Training Camp organized by the Union of Evangelical Students of India-North East, Mizoram Teaching and Training Dept. It was hosted by Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College, Aizawl.


9. Conducting fellowship and prayer meeting

The HEW has been organizing a fellowship and a prayer meeting for the first time in the community. It was conducted once every week since February 2019. It was conducted by the executive members of the HATIM Evangelical Wing.



1. Conducting regular Sunday Worship Service

2. Conducting fellowship and prayer meeting

3. Organizing fund raising programme

4. Organizing Spiritual Nurturing Programme 2019

The HATIM Evangelical Wing had organized a Spiritual Nurturing Program on 27th – 29th September 2019 and this was the third time the HEW had taken up the full responsibilities. Rbt. Lalhriatpuia Chawngthu was the speaker and he spoke on the theme “Be a blessing” with a supporting verse taken from Genesis 12:2.


5. Organizing Advance Christmas Programme 2019

The HEW has taken up the responsibility of the college Advance Christmas Programme 2019 on 27th October 2019 at HATIM Auditorium. Mr. Vuansanga Vanchhawng, the Principal preached based on the theme “Peace on earth”.


6. Hosting the State Leadership Training Camp 2019

The HATIM Evangelical Wing has hosted the SLTC 2019 for the first time in its history during 4th–12th December 2019. This camp had been the biggest of its kind; with 76 campers from different EU units. It was organized by Union of Evangelical Students of India-North East, Mizoram Teaching and Training Dept. The state coordinator Mr. P.M. Philip and his wife Ms. Salome were the speakers during the camp; the theme for this camp was “Lead 10:11” based on John 10:11.