Administrative Staff



 Name: Vuansanga Vanchhawng
 Designation: Principal
 Date of Joining: 15.06.2007
 Qualification: M. Com, NET, Pursuing Ph. D
 Contact Number: 9615 712 049


 Name: R. Lalnunthara
 Designation: Vice Principal
 Date of Joining: 08.05.2008
 Qualification: M. Com, NET, M. Phil, Pursuing Ph. D
 Contact Number: 7005 127 689


 Name: PC. Lalbiakdika
 Designation: L.D.C
 Date of Joining: 05.07.2014
 Qualification: M.A
 Contact Number: 9862 516 041


 Name: Gospel Lalnunmawii
 Designation: L.D.C
 Date of Joining: 05.02.2013